Usher Details The Extensive Routine To Maintain His Physique, Including No Food On Wednesdays

It takes a lot for Usher to maintain his physique—hence why he’s aging backwards at 45.

However, don’t think that his fountain of youth effect can be credited to drinking water, minding his business, and genetics. In a new sit-down with the Wall Street Journal, the crooner detailed his daily health and wellness regimen as he prepares for his upcoming world tour.

“Typically I wake up and drink celery juice. I’ve been doing this concoction of lemon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper. I drink it hot,” Ursher explained.

He admitted that he tries to wake up early enough to squeeze in some reading and meditate. “I try to wake up early enough to have a moment of reflection. Some days I may grab a book and read to stimulate my mind. I may sit quietly and meditate. One thing that is a frequent practice is yoga. It really does help to activate my organs and get my mind moving in the right direction,” noted the father of four.

After waking up his mind, Usher usually eats poached or over easy eggs, but sometimes likes them scrambled with cheese. Yet, the food comes after he’s “worked out or done something physical,” which includes “taking a walk, stretching or doing yoga, sitting in the sun and raising my body’s natural heat levels.”

The Coming Home singer is also mindful of not overextending himself due to prior injuries and surgeries. “I’ve had minor surgeries on my knee; I had a torn meniscus. Other than that, swimming is a really good thing to get me going and bike riding. Weight lifting, don’t do a lot of that,” he shared when specifying which activities he indulges in.

Usher also confessed to incorporating fasting mid-week, which is a habit he picked up from his late grandmother.

“I fast on Wednesdays. I typically try to start around 11 p.m. the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water,” Usher noted.

The extensive routine came in preparation for his Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show. He confessed that that performance was “one of the hardest 15 minutes that I’ll ever have in my life” and caused him to work out daily to execute the show to its highest caliber.

“I didn’t really have the time to do a lot of other things,” he detailed. “I was remedying my body the night before and waking up the next day and eating a very regimented, low-carb diet.”

His hard work did pay off considering the show reportedly drew in more viewers than Rihanna’s and Dr. Dre’s—becoming one of the most watched Super Bowl Halftime shows of all time. His upcoming Past, Present, Future Tour kicks off in Atlanta on Aug. 14.