TroyBoi Remains True To His Sounds With Justin Bieber Collaboration 'Red Eye' – FUXWITHIT

Few artists embody artistic excellence better than TroyBoi. We’ve been following his journey since 2014 and it’s been an incredible one. It’s a rarity for artists to see the growth and success that Troy has without ever sacrificing their sound. As the years have passed he’s honed his signature, always staying true to his ‘My Style’ sound palette. Taking this to new heights comes ‘Red Eye’ a collaboration with megastar Justin Bieber. For many artists, the scale and opportunity of such a collaboration could dull their originality leading to a bland byproduct. Thankfully this is TroyBoi we’re talking about and ‘Red Eye’ is so distinctly him it almost sounds like Justin Bieber is the featured artist.

Light pads provide the perfect backing for Justin’s sultry smooth vocals to lure you in. When the bounce hits there’s absolutely no question who’s behind the boards. From the stuttered vocals to the punchy percussion, dizzying synths and distinct knock, this one will have you moving throughout. Add in Bieber’s ridiculously catchy vocals and an absolutely breezy breakdown and this is a certified bop. The biggest respect to TroyBoi for never sacrificing his sound and props to Bieber for taking a chance on something unique. This collision of pop and underground is simply exceptional.