Tripp St. Unveils 2nd Single 'Livin' From Upcoming Game Changing Debut Album – FUXWITHIT

Is there really anything that will get people clamoring faster to your brand than an intricately executed air of intrigue? Ask the underground SoundCloud sensation Tripp St., who’s grown their brand to monumental heights with only the release of 4 mixes of unreleased music before catching the attention of the queen of world bass herself, Clozee. Tapping this masked crusader of audible delights as one of the champions of her Neon Jungle Remixes EP, they swiftly went from relative obscurity to having one of the most successful tracks on that entire EP, creating a magnetic attraction to this newly forged project. Now, they’ve been given the massive honor of being the debut album on Clozee’s freshly minted Odyzey Music label, with the first track from that body of work ‘I Am Back‘ being released to raucous applause just a few short weeks ago. Now, they’re back serving up the 2nd appetizer from Welcome to Tripp St., with ‘Livin’, an immaculate thoroughfare so dense with vibes you could slice them with a knife.

A truly captivating piece that’s as fresh as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day, ‘Livin’ fills listeners with untold levels of unbridled joy that forces compulsive grins to be firmly plastered on all faces within earshot. A throwback to the innocence and boundless adventure of our collective youth, Tripp St. has opened a time capsule of fond remembrance and reflection. Utilizing a broad range of instruments that gives it a familiar, eclectic feel, you’ll be guided straight to euphoria courtesy of ‘Livin”s luscious atmosphere and all-encompassing robustness. A true showcase of the inexplicable prowess this already immensely brilliant artist is capable of.

Selling out their initial run of 500 pieces of vinyl in just 30 minutes, you can already tell that fans are waiting with bated breath for the rest of Welcome to Tripp St. in its entirety. While there’s plenty of rumors floating around as to who this mysterious maestro is, one thing that’s certain is that their music transcends all perceivable hype and will be what carries them to stardom in the very near future. Before you start compulsively hitting “refresh” on Tripp St.’s SoundCloud for the full drop on March 5th, you can check out ‘Livin’ for yourself below!

Tripp St. · Livin