Tory Lanez Phones Joe Budden With Opinion On Kendrick Lamar-Drake Feud

Drake and Kendrick Lamar‘s battle is dominating news cycles, with every corner of America weighing in on the lyrical contest. And the currently incarcerated Tory Lane is just the latest voice to weigh in on the feud. Joe Budden recalled Tory calling him over the weekend to discuss the battle. He explained that he called from prison to give his opinion on who he thought was winning the battle at that time. During this point in time, Budden hypothesizes Tory hadn’t heard Kendrick’s following final records, “Meet The Grahams” and “Not Like Us,” and only heard up until “Family Matters.” 

“I spoke to Tory that night,” he recalled. “He picks Drake. He picks Drake in the battle. I’m in the strip club bathroom while he’s just telling me all the ways of why Drake won.”

As for Joe Budden, he’s of the thought that Kendrick Lamar won the battle. The former rapper explained that Lamar out-maneuvered Drake throughout the back and forth, with much of the momentum belonging to K. Dot. Budden insisted that Drake was “rapping his a** off” but was ultimately unprepared to handle someone of Kendrick’s stature.  

“I think he won this off skill. He was much better than Drake the whole way… If I’m battling you, I need to have my options ready for all the variables; Drake didn’t. And if you feel that way, then when I was telling you to stop saying that I’m outside looking for the ni**a that saying he been outside,” he said.

“All that sh*t he was feeding to [Akademiks], talking about, ‘Oh, it’s been 10 years. Nah, nah, nah — you follow it through.’ Don’t sound like a ni**a that’s trying to fight a losing battle! He went from, ‘Nah, nah, nah’ to, ‘I’m going on vacation’ to, ‘I’m not replying no more,” he continued. “That was the fastest change of tone.”

But, of course, in Budden-like fashion, he didn’t stop there. He then proceeded to clown Drizzy for claiming to have been thirsty for the smoke but then backed out once he realized Kendrick wasn’t like Meek Mill or Common. He made fun of his diss song, “Push Ups,” for claiming that Kendrick didn’t want to “wake the demon up.” 

“This ni**a said, ‘You gonna make me have to wake the demon up.’ You know how many f**king sleeping pills I’ve taken in my life? What type of sleeping pills the demon taking? That demon is snoring! He lost unequivocally. The ni**a took it from him.”

Watch the latest episode above. 

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