Taylor Rooks, Joy Taylor Team Up For New Podcast, ‘Two Personal’

Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor have created a new podcastTwo Personal. The two ladies introduced the show on Thursday (Feb. 22) in an 8-minute YouTube video. In the clip, Rooks and Taylor discuss a series of prompts in an epilogue to the show’s first episode. 

Questions such as “What they hold most personal to themselves,” “What’s wrong with how people converse on social media?,” “What do you hope people take away from the show?” and “What makes you qualified to enter the podcasting space?” are all answered. The ladies also stressed that they may “adamantly disagree with each other” on numerous topics, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a real conversation about it. 

“I believe that we have not been given the space to talk about things outside of sports, whereas other people have. Specifically, men can have entire shows where they literally talk about what kind butts they like,” Taylor Rooks expressed in the clip. “They talk about the kind of women they like. They talk about the men that they hate. By name. And women have not been given the space to just speak. Now granted… We would not do any of those things. But its the fact that we haven’t had the place to even have an opportunity to do those things… I like that this show will be about us hearing another.

They’ve also promised to carry over their “group chat conversations” to the show to uphold a level of authenticity found in real-life discussions. And, as a shot to nobody, the ladies mentioned that their proper journalism training would help elevate the show’s credibility. 

“Joy [Taylor] and I have navigated our careers together as sisters in sport, but Two Personal allows us to expand and share our private thoughts and conversations with our listeners,” the Thursday Night Football journalist said in a statement. “This show is a space for us to be honest about our experiences, our emotions, and the way we view the world. There is infinitely more to us than what we have allowed the public to see, and I’m thrilled to be in a place where I feel ready to bare my full self and give an honest look into who I am completely.”

“I am so excited to launch Two Personal with Taylor [Rooks]” Joy Taylor said in a statement. “We have spent our careers in sports and now have created an opportunity to show a different side of ourselves. The authentic, raw, and exposing side of our experiences and personalities outside of sports. We can’t wait to bring our girl talk to the world!”

The journalists also reiterated that Two Personal would not be a sports show. Rooks and Taylor also revealed they would feature various “high-profile special guests” on their series. New episodes of Two Personal will be released every Wednesday.