Tanner Adell Makes Daytime TV Debut On ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’

Tanner Adell is still riding her COWBOY CARTER wave as she makes her daytime TV debut.

On Tuesday (May 28), the 27-year-old appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show to discuss her hit singles “Whiskey Blues,” and “Buckle Bunny,” as well as open up about her feature on Beyoncé’s BLACKBIIRD.” She confessed that she’s still “processing” this long-term goal of hers, adding, “This is the fruits of my labor and working very hard. For her to see me as someone I look up to very much, it feels like a blessing.”

Adell also solved the mystery behind who’s singing which part on The Beatles’ cover. In order, it’s Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, Reyna Roberts, and then the “Love You A Little Bit” singer. Each of them sang one line and Adell rounded out the harmonies.

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Elsewhere in the segment, Adell confessed that she used to joke about recording country music until her friends convinced her to take it seriously. As her career continued to blossom, she revealed that she wasn’t only noticed by Beyoncé, but also by Shaq. “He’s basically my uncle,” Adell joked. “We FaceTime a lot. He’s so sweet. He slid in my DMs like, ‘I love Buckle Bunny,’” she gushed and admitted that he even sent her a dubstep remix of the record.

Hudson quipped, “You’re on the ride of your life, girl!”

When speaking on the future of country music, Adell shared that she hopes this trend won’t become just another “fad.”

On Instagram, she shared a snippet of her performance and captioned the post, “Jennifer Hudson took my tv performance debut virginity.”

Watch her full “Buckle Bunny”/”Whiskey Blues” medley below.

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