Supertask Returns With Mysterious Keycard Campaign, & Alludes To New Album – FUXWITHIT

Portland, Oregon’s music community has starkly stood-out as a hot-bed for some of the best and brightest producers in the entirety of the scene. Aggressively pushing progressive sounds and styles with effortless ease, it’s become a halcyon home for the likes of G Jones, Eprom, and Kyle Bishoff, also known as Supertask. In 2018 he teamed up with fellow bass maestros Charlesthefirst and Potions to create the illustrious super squad of Lab Group, which they describe as an “unwavering dedication to research and exploration.”

Permanently affixing his spot firmly on our radar at the close of 2019 with the release of his 50-track expansive masterpiece X= album, he showcased an otherworldly ability to craft massive cohesive bodies of work that would leave most musicians and fans in utter awe. Then, even though 2020 was a torrential year for everyone involved, this youthful creator from the pacific northwest was able to put forth moving content that was of the utmost importance to the world at the time. Releasing one of his most emotional creations yet in the form of ‘Healing‘, which came in at #48 on our top 50 songs of 2020, he reached out and gave every member of our scene’s collective conglomerate a much-needed embrace.

Even more impressive was his Bicycle Day stream, which was a groundbreaking choose your own adventure project that revolutionized fan engagement and participation during a time when people desperately yearned for a sense of connection with the artists they looked to for hope and inspiration. Highly touted from every corner of the music ecosystem, this was an event quite unlike any we’ve collectively seen before, making fans rabidly hunger for their next taste of what this brilliant young artist is cooking up.

Now, he’s taken a brief reprieve from his mad sonic scientist laboratory to once again connect with his fanbase in an utmost novel way. Back to save the world once more through the power of his music, he’s given fans a massive teaser posted to his Twitter, surely hinting at a new 8-track album quickly approaching. With as wild as the start of this year has already been, we all could use a little extra Supertask in our lives, especially since his last album Zero Day was released 2 years ago. Also, if that wasn’t enough to hold you over, he’s revealed the next chapter to arguably the most impressive livestream event from all of last year, a brand-spanking-new website, and a cryptic keycard campaign.

Utilizing NFC technology, he’s brought fans the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind keycard which, when scanned, acts as a ticket to his newest live stream debut (the date of which will be revealed to transponders), along with also unlocking untold amounts of exclusive content including, but not limited to, music, merch, and all sorts of extra goodies. Access to the epic sequel of arguably the most impressive livestream event from all of last year, AND bonuses? What more could you ask for. For fans of Supertask’s music and message, this is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to purchasing, which you can do here, and you can check out his latest and greatest website redesign in all its glory here.