Suge Knight Sends Warning To Diddy Amid Investigations: “Your Life Is In Danger”

As pending investigations surrounding Sean “Diddy” Combs continue to heat up, more and more people are chiming in on the situation. Aside from figures like 50 Cent, who has offered his commentary on every single update thus far, Suge Knight has now also added his reactions to the mix.

In a new clip obtained by TMZ, the Death Row Records founder spoke on Diddy’s situation during an alleged outtake from his Collect Call podcast.

“It’s a bad day for Hip-Hop, for culture, for Black people,” he began. “I’ll tell you what, Puffy, your life is in danger ’cause you know the secrets, who’s involved in that little secret room you guys are participating in. They gonna get you if they can.”

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He also mentioned Diddy’s “Brother Love” moniker — the name he assumed in 2017 — would not be a favorable name to go by if he does wind up in jail. “’Brother Love’ is not a good code name for prison,” Knight added while giving the rapper “some real advice.” Said advice included saying that Combs should turn himself in. Knight also turned himself over to the authorities in 2015 after a deadly hit-and-run in West Hollywood, Calif.

Things are only getting more intense for Diddy, as his Los Angeles and Miami homes were raided on Monday afternoon (March 25). Homeland Security expert Hal Kempfer said that the searched evidence included “laptops, flash drives, and anything that would connect Combs with the allegations.” Footage would surface later of Diddy in Miami, and his private jet was reportedly tracked to Antigua

In regards to Suge and his podcast, this isn’t the first time he has offered his Diddy takes on the mic. Earlier this month, he accused Snoop DoggDr. Dre, and the Bad Boy founder of being members in a “secret society.

“[The] Game bought Puffy a Lamborghini when Puffy got more money than Game,” Suge said. “Why you buying this man a Lamborghini? You know your homies don’t even got a Lamborghini. But once again, it’s that secret society. For this thing to work and fix it, they gotta start all the way over in these major record labels and these big buildings. They need to get rid of all the guys who was connected to the poison and the snake.”

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