Stevie J Is Ready To “Beat The Sh*t Out Of” 50 Cent Over Diddy Jokes

Stevie J has had enough of 50 Cent’s cracks at his Bad Boy brethren, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and is ready to square up.

The producer took to Instagram Thursday (March 28) to call out the Queens rap star for his constant jokes following Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles homes being raided in a sex trafficking investigation. Stevie suggests 50 is bitter that his ex, Daphne Joy, went on to later date Diddy. He also insinuates the Power producer is in cahoots with producer Lil Rod, who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Puff in February.

“Curtis, what’s good, man? You in your feelings about Daphne ‘cuz she with gang and ’em? Or is it that you’re sucking Lil Rod d**k,” the former reality star taunted with a chuckle. “However it go, I want to shoot the fade, ni**a. F**k all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the sh*t out of you on TV or something.

“Don’t duck that. I’m calling you out. What you want to do, Curtis, CURTIS,” he repeated, mimicking Cam’ron’s pronunciation from 2007’s “Curtis” diss track aimed at 50. Check out the callout below.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper previously took to Instagram to share a report claiming Stevie J was named in legal docs, accusing Puff of using a video of Stevie having sex to groom potential male lovers.

50 Cent has cracked more than a few jokes at Puff’s expense following his recent home raids, including sharing a deep fake video of Donald Trump lambasting the music exec, as well as questioning why Diddy’s good friend, JAY-Z, has been M.I.A. While going about it more tactfully, others have also called out Puff for his alleged behavior, with former signee Ma$e offering, “Reparations is getting closer and closer.”

In addition to Stevie J, the mogul has also found support in the likes of Tyrese and Slim Thug, the latter recently scolding the Hip-Hop community for its disloyalty. “He thought that we would ride or die for him. He thought that the world of Hip-Hop would stay down. This dude is on the list of the worst people in the world right now without no criminal charges.”