spüke Returns To Melody Heaven With 'High As The Moon' – FUXWITHIT

Blessing music lovers everywhere, spüke is back with a brand new gem! This time, he presents a whole new vibe and atmosphere for his project. ‘High As The Moon’ is truly the next big step for his overall sound. Combining airy melodies, gentle drums, and a spacey atmosphere. All working as one to create one of his best tracks to date. If you haven’t heard of this groovy ghost yet, then we highly suggest checking out his discography of highly acclaimed works of art.

For a while now, spüke has done nothing but create a unique and everlasting world for himself and his listeners. A spectacular and star-striking vision which continues to push boundaries within the electronic music industry. From funky remixes of artists such as Khalid, Justin Bieber and more, to teaming up with big labels like BONSAI and Electric Hawk, he’s paving a solid and shining road to a better future. And with this new single, he’s expanding his sound even further to the highest degree. Surprising fans from all over and gaining a new level of respect for his flexibility within music production.

This track was spawned out of pure happiness. I was feeling ‘high as the moon!’ it had been awhile since I created a purely happy original. The drop in this actually started out with just a few flute notes… but it wasn’t enough, it didn’t portray my emotion to the fullest… so I went back in and started randomly (within key) dropping notes EVERYWHERE… and it worked! – spüke

‘High As The Moon’ takes you where no man has ever gone before. Completely changing the game with angelic flute melodies combining with a soothing environment surrounding all. Captivating any listener from the first to the last second. What’s so special about this is how unique the production sounds with every note being played. Careful attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship within the quality, and more, you’ll fall madly in love with this meditative vibe. Nurturing your well-being and attitude. Inspiring many to keep on fighting the good fight. It contains many different and brand-new qualities while still holding that classic spüke touch we’ve come to know and love. Uplifting fan’s hearts into the clouds. Soaring high above all. Never wanting to leave. We’re excited to see where this legend floats off to next. But for now, make sure to go support his hard work by streaming ‘High As The Moon’ everywhere!