Sound Museum Releases Mind Bending Six Track Compilation – FUXWITHIT

Deep within the underground, lies a label which specializes in Contemporary bass music. A movement so impactful, it’ll leave you speechless and inspired. A project called Sound Museum. Now, if you haven’t heard of the label before, we highly suggest checking out their roster of mind-bending artists. Musicians who step into the unknown, waiting to share their unique pieces. Heavy-hitters such as OOTW, Dj Ride, Rohaan and more have all traveled into their realm. Releasing unexplainable classics. And now, Sound Museum has taken it further by releasing their 6 track compilation called V.A. – Artifacts 02.

If you love unique bass music, this is definitely for you. This time, they’re bringing in artists such as Mew Zu, L*o*J, Kid Kun and more. Each of them brings their own flavor of production to the genre. Honoring and pushing it further. From haunting bass leads, to intense atmospheres, this group of tracks will make any electronic music lover go crazy. The spacious arrangements take the listener on an adventure through space and time with subtle and unique surprises waiting around every corner.

V.A. – Artifacts 02 is a compilation like no other. The amount of heart and true love for music is shown through this group of masterpieces. Each song holding qualities to compliment the artists and label itself. There’s no telling what you’ll hear next due to it’s originality and out of the box thinking. Make sure to go support them by streaming the compilation on SoundCloud.

Sound Museum · V. A. – ARTIFACTS 02