Skip Bayless Rips Draymond Green As “The Dirtiest Player In NBA History”

Skip Bayless and Draymond Green are engaged in a back-and-forth, and neither man is backing down. During a conversation with Shaquille O’Neal on The Big Podcast on Wednesday (May 22), Draymond seemingly struck first, clowning the controversial talking head for being the “biggest hater” in sports media.

“Dude just sits up there and spews hate,” Green began. “I hope I give him a soundbite for his show because it’s dying.” The NBA Champion continued, explicitly calling out Bayless’ documented attacks aimed at LeBron James, saying, “When you’re hating on LeBron James every single day, for instance, there’s no way this man gives you something to hate on every single day.”

Skip clapped back on Thursday (May 30), offering a lengthy and brutal rebuttal to the Golden State Warrior athlete’s criticisms on The Skip Bayless Show. The pundit hit out at the player for his history of dirty plays on the court, stating, “Here’s the astonishing truth about Draymond Green. Draymond Green is, no exaggeration, the dirtiest player in NBA history by far. The dirtiest player in NBA history by far is Draymond Green. [Look up his] lowlight tapes of the cavalcade of Draymond Green’s dirtiest plays over the years…the cheap shots, the low blows, the dangerous plays. Draymond is the all-time cheap-shot artist.”

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Bayless insisted that people simply look past his actions because “everybody loves Draymond” and that “somehow his perception is his reality.” But Skip warned viewers that the former Michigan State player is merely a “great actor” who has “one or two screws loose.”

The 72-year-old then highlighted several more instances of Draymond Green being violent during basketball play, mentioning the 2022 incident between him and then-teammate Jordan Poole.

While the beef is intensifying between Bayless and Green, the player recently buried the hatched with Stephen A. Smith. Smith and Green publicly apologized to each other for their lenghty battle of words over the years.

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During his appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA, Draymond issued the olive branch first, where he walked back comments stating that he “lost respect” for people like Smith for how they covered his anger on the court. “Shaq, I was on your podcast… and you mentioned Stephen A. [Smith]. And I said something that didn’t come out the way I said it so I want to apologize to him. I said that publicly… I was wrong for that,” he said.

Stephen A. caught wind of the truce and accepted Draymond’s statement, offering his own apology on X/Twitter. “Apology accepted, my brother [Draymond Green],” Smith typed on Tuesday (May 28). “The love is always here for you, my Queens’ brother Kenny [Smith], and the whole TNT crew. Love y’all. I apologize, as well, for anything I may have done. I’m not trying to hurt anybody. Now let’s enjoy this marvelous NBA basketball we’re about to see.”

So, hey, maybe there’s hope for Skip and Draymond down the line, too.