SISKA And Floret Loret Teleport To An Outer Realm Full Of 'Hylocereus' – FUXWITHIT

Traveling through unknown realms, SISKA and Floret Loret are back to impress us all once again. But this time, they have finally teamed up to bring quite the journey called ‘Hylocereus.’ A quest so deep and meaningful, it’ll have your jaw completely open from beginning to end. To see these heavy hitters come together is so inspiring and exciting for all of us listening. And known for their futuristic sound design and arrangements, both have worked for years to learn something new to bring to their own production styles. Amping up the quality with every release. Truly separating themselves from all the rest and becoming real powerhouses in the industry. Every track they bestow upon their audience is different and unexplainable. Sending listeners on journeys to places you didn’t even know existed. It’s a surprise for all and makes their fans want more.

‘Hylocereus’ is a flourishing range of distinct melody and sensation. It shines a colorful and satisfying light on both artists’ styles and creativity. Grabbing your attention at an instant right from the beginning with glitchy attributes and a futuristic landscape for all life to grow. And through this field of rebirth and richness, you’ll encounter a ton of sweet and long-lasting characteristics and textures. From impactful drums, a broad space of unbelievable rhythms and more, you’ll be on your knees with praise for their healthy and well-balanced chemistry through the music itself. This track really does take you on a ride you’ve never experienced before. Nothing ever feels rushed or straight in your face. Both of them know how to ease sections in at the right times. Creating a wavy and powerful pace for all to admire. A true work of contemporary art that should be presented in a museum.

So make sure to go support them both by streaming ‘Hylocereus’ everywhere!

SISKA · SISKA x Floret Loret – Hylocereus