Sha’Carri Richardson Refuses The Rules In Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” Campaign

Sha’Carri Richardson stands on business, refusing to follow the rules in Sprite’s Obey Your Thirst campaign. Refreshed from the initial ads launched 30 years ago in 1994, the track and field star is the first woman athlete to partner with the beverage brand.

In the comical clip, Richardson declares “nah” to various things she’s commanded to obey. The short clip comes to an end with the champion athlete enjoying dinner with her mother and grandmother, taking back the refusal of the rules.

“I’m just playing,” laughs the 24-year-old after telling her family no.


“Now more than ever, this generation is bombarded with opinions and trends about how they should be living their lives,” detailed Brian Rogers, Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Sprite North America.

“As a brand deeply rooted in championing individuality and authenticity, Sprite recognizes the overwhelming pressure and impact this can have on the growth and ambitions of a younger generation. With the revival of ‘Obey Your Thirst,’ we’re excited to introduce this timeless message to Gen Z and inspire them to embrace their uniqueness and confidently chart their own path.”

Anthony Edwards

NBA Star Anthony Edwards also stars in the campaign with his own twist. In his spot, Edwards recreates Grant Hill’s 1994 Obey Your Thirst ad, with Hill along for the ride.  

“We’re all about amplifying our consumers, which comes down to really understanding and listening to what they want, both in life and from brands. When considering our legacy, particularly in today’s landscape, the significance of our message to ‘Obey Your Thirst’ resonates more powerfully than ever,” explained P. Chaney, Senior Creative Director for Sprite North America.

With the campaign, fans of the pop can purchase limited-edition packaging that features four unique designs, including an on-pack experience created to inspire Sprite drinkers everywhere. Scanning the on-pack QR code will lead customers to “Obey Days,” a digital hub of inspiration across passions such as fashion, arts, music, entertainment, and sports, as well as weekly content releases.

Take a look at Anthony Edwards’ Obey Your Thirst commercial below and Sha’Carri’s above.

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