Sasha Rome Casts A Euphoric Spell On His Listeners With His ‘Criminal’ EP

Known for delivering raw and organic funk, Sasha Rome‘s art has touched many throughout the industry. From spreading good energy through numerous performances to channeling hypnotic grooves within his production, this angel of a musician knows just how to get your hearts dancing in unison with your soul. Always teleporting his audience to a rooftop party or a beautiful scenic spot around the world to bask in. And with his debut EP, Criminal, he’s teamed up with Jadū Dala to showcase his best and most memorable work to date. Leaving an impact on your spirit in the best way possible.

Listening to Sasha’s art really does put a smile on your face. A pure remedy for the broken or the lost. An escape for those who want to get away. The positive results are endless and continue to heal many. The artist continues to deliver top-tier sonic masterpieces from gorgeous melody creations to rhythms that can make any environment turn into a chill and calming hangout. But he’s not alone during this process. Recruiting major talent within the game, artists such as CARLIE, artemis orion, and more have come together to lend a hand in this gorgeous project. Their gentle yet powerful techniques blend beautifully with Sash’s iconic storytelling through sound and rhythm. So prepare for an experience you’ll forever cherish and come back to.

The Criminal EP is a five-track journey of a lifetime. The crisp and colorful chemistry between the artist, his collaborators, and song structures overall is simply jaw-dropping. Each track contains its own special qualities, characteristics, and sound. Flowing into each other in perfect harmony. Containing a suave and seductive feeling from beginning to end. Pleasing to the ear thanks to the calming nature of his drums, percussion, and processing. Making listeners float through a portal of water. Leading into a brighter and distant future of peace and dance. Hypnotizing you to the core with its bubbly synths and arrangements. This is by far his best work yet and we’re excited to hear where he goes next. So make sure to show your support by streaming the Criminal EP everywhere via Jadū Dala!