salla, EnimraK And Yxnwr Stay 'Stuntin' On The Underground – FUXWITHIT

Looking for some fresh new bounce? Search no further because this brand new collaboration from salla, EnimraK and Yxnwr will satisfy your craving. Their track ‘Stuntin’ is officially out now on OUTSIDERS PARIS. These powerhouse musicians are no joke when it comes to their art. Their intricate sound design and rhythms will leave any listener in a state of awe. Known for his sharp and steady bass contribution, salla has put a new spin on the trap genre. Pushing it even further than before. His ruthless arrangements will leave a chill on your spine, and have you playing his music over and over again. Because it gets better and better with each listen.

Yxnwr is another kingpin when it comes to taming frequencies and spreading true flow. His impact with drum and percussion leads are one of a kind. He really knows how to have fun with his productions. Which results in some memorable sounds. Don’t sleep on EnimraK either. His unique atmosphere creations will take you away into another world. A world filled with ominous sounds and qualities. Leaving a mysterious feeling of curiosity. Together, these artists have created something very special and memorable. So prepare yourselves.

‘Stuntin’ is a funky and impactful string of events. Cleary hearing every artists contribution, it makes the track that more special and exciting. From deadly high pitched leads, to a flow which will knock your head off, they took no prisoners when creating this gem. Every second is filled with a wonky lead or creative sample choice to really compliment all of their styles being combined. Not to mention the main vocal on the second chorus which takes the spotlight in the best way. Putting a whole no rhythm layer over to create this delicious frequency treat. Everything comes together in such a beautiful and professional way. Flowing through perfectly. Plus, the attention to detail is purely outstanding.

You can hear how much fun these guys had when designing this masterpiece. Their true teamwork paid off in the end. Making 2021 start out in a positive and memorable sense. So make sure to go support these boys by streaming ‘Stuntin’ everywhere.