RL Grime And Baauer Deliver A Killer Machine With 'Fallaway' – FUXWITHIT

After many years, two major GOATs and icons for electronic music have finally returned to us. Legends who continue to dedicate their lives to push this art form to new territories and bring out something truly extraordinary. And with their brand new single, ‘Fallaway,’ RL Grime and Baauer have once again shocked the world to its core. Connecting many wonderful spirits back together for another once-in-a-lifetime experience. Creating a complete frenzy within the spectrum

Traveling back in time, their track ‘Infinite Daps’ was such an incredible step for the trap genre. Pushing new sounds and rhythms to the table. Increasing the number of upcoming producers to follow in their footsteps. And gaining new inspiration and strive. Over time, both artists have made tremendous memories and never missed when releasing their own bodies of work. Completely changing the game forever. Their success and drive to keep evolving has blossomed time and time again. Bringing them back together for another round of pure exhilaration and love for music. Showing the world they’re never stopping for the culture.

‘Fallaway’ is a fast-paced and killer machine. Plowing through the underground. Blessing and enhancing lives one by one. From a theatrical introduction with a groovy and catchy vocal, to a complete storm of frequencies warping around your brain within the chorus, this will bring nothing but tears to your eyes. Paying homage to the drum n bass movement. The invigorating melodies mixed with impactful drums makes this one of their greatest journeys yet.

Hearing both styles fuse together once again for an unpredictable outcome is nothing but jaw-dropping and emotional. Showing each other their discoveries within themselves over time, and still managing to come back and push electronic music even further is simply inspiring. The arrangement is perfectly balanced as well as the pure vision for what they’ve had in mind. This is another huge milestone for not only themselves but for the scene altogether. We’re stoked to hear what else they have planned for the future. But for now, make sure to go support them by streaming ‘Fallaway’ everywhere via Sable Valley / LuckyMe!