Rick Ross Hilariously Addresses Being Attacked In Canada

Rick Ross has finally addressed getting punched in Canada, and of course, he has jokes.

On Thursday (July 4), the Miami rapper took to his Instagram Story to set the record straight regarding the Vancouver incident. A shirtless Ross walked about his home as he detailed his perspective on the matter, claiming that someone actually threw a drink at him and didn’t punch him.

“I’m thinking about the event that happened over there,” he began. “Let me tell you something: When the first dude stepped up to Rozay—the little short fat one that looked like Bam Bam Bigelow from wrestling—when he stepped up…I squat down to his eyes and I said, ‘Boy, if I hit you, you gon see everything you ate for the last few days.’ His balls dropped out of his a**, he never said another word, he never did nothing he was a straight busta. Then the ni**a behind him said, ‘I KNOW MMAyyyyyye.’”

“And then I got hit with a drink,” Ross continued after almost cracking up. “I’m still convinced ain’t no ni**a punch. Somebody said, ‘Rozay, the ni**a tried to punch you he—he hit you!’ I said, “Nah, he had to throw a drink because throwing a drink would have been way more disrespectful than screaming, ‘I KNOW MMAyyyyyye!’”

Rick Ross’ hilarious video arrives days after the MMG boss was attacked at Vancouver’s Ignite Music Festival on Sunday (June 30).

As the rapper ended his set, he decided to play Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us.” Rozay exited the stage with the scathing diss track still playing, and a group of Drake fans confronted the artist. The men pressed Ross and his team, which ultimately led to a brawl. Video footage shows one of the men snuffing the rapper, which then caused Ross’ bodyguards and camp to get involved.

Members of Ross’ squad could be seen getting pushed around and falling to the ground as the Canadian goons continued to harass and mock them for their song choice. At one point, the clip shows an MMG affiliate knocked out unconscious on the festival grounds after being stricken by one of the unknown men.