RemK Controls Power Beyond Belief With ‘6am Bounce’

RemK‘s sheer strength and will in his music production and overall project continue to amaze and inspire many. Conquering stages around the country while always delivering hard-hitting works of art. There’s no stopping this powerhouse from fulfilling his dreams. And now, together with MONTA Records, his newest single, ‘6am Bounce’ finds a pure and fitting home in their season 2 roster of gems. Honoring the label to the highest degree while sticking to his roots and current evolution. Being debuted during his HARD Summer performance last year, fans were dying to know when this would drop. A perfect party starter for any set alike. Ready to shatter the floor beneath your feet and stop your hearts in the best ways possible.

From a cinematic introduction of sunny skies and peaceful waves, to an explosion of hard-hitting frequencies within the chorus, this track takes you for a wild ride. The tension from beginning to end really gets your heart pumping in a beautiful fashion. Wanting to know what happens next. Crisp-sounding drums, intoxicating bass designs, and more, you’ll be pleasantly pleased throughout this whole journey. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘6am Bounce’ everywhere via MONTA!