RemK Comes Across A Major 'Turning Point' – FUXWITHIT

If you’ve been following RemK for a while, then you’ve definitely heard this monster in many mixes and sets. ‘Turning Point’ has totally dominated the scene! Bringing in the energy with each listen and creating major hype around the underground. The artist has done nothing but impress his peers and listeners with each track. And releasing on labels such as Alter/Ego and PARAMETRIC has only pushed him even further to create timeless art. No matter where you are during a set, it’s guaranteed you’re going to hear some of his music being rinsed to the highest degree. And to hear this piece being put out finally is nothing but exciting.

‘Turning Point’ is an eruption of bass-filled goodness with many surprises to behold. There’s so much to admire. From a gorgeous and atmospheric introduction to volcanic drops, it’s an addictive pleasure to the ears in every way. And once you hear his signature riser, you know something impressive is about to show its true colors. Incorporating his crisp, clean drums is always wonderful to behold along with his intricate sound design to top it all off. Not to mention his process of manipulating sound to form something brand new and fresh. The piece gets better and better with each listen, leaving an inspirational and everlasting feel of hope and wonder. No matter where you are, this is an instant party starter.

RemK is an admirable musician with an impressive vision and overall look. You do not want to sleep on this rising star because we’re sure he’s going to have a wonderful 2021. Make sure to go support ‘Turning Point’ by streaming and copping the free download!

RemK · RemK – Turning Point