Ray J Wants Brandy And Monica To Embark On A Joint Tour

Ray J is ready for Brandy and Monica to create a cultural moment yet again, but this time, in the form of a co-headlining tour.

During Monica’s livestream on Instagram last week, Ray hopped in the comments to make his request public.

“BRANDY/MONICA TOUR – PLEASE LETS MAKE HISTORY, ONE RUN FOR THE FANS. 100M plus for you both,” wrote the crooner. Neither woman has addressed the ask, but fans of “The Boy Is Mine” collaborators are somewhat here for it.

One wrote, “I literally said this the other day! Brandy & Monica could make a very nice bag with a tour together!” Media personality Jerome Trammel offered this suggestion: “Special guest opener: Ray J! You ain’t slick Ray, but I ain’t even mad. We’ve asked for this for so long. Half the cities Brandy can go on first & half Monica can go on first.”

Meanwhile, another person quipped, “Say what you want about Ray but he know how to make a dollar lol.”

However, others felt a joint tour between Brandy and Monica isn’t the way to go. “Tourrrr? That Versus was awkward enough,” they wrote in the comments. Singer-songwriter Tiyon “TC” Christian expressed, “Everyone was just dragging Monica a week or two ago – doing the same who’s better vocally as they do every year. I think they should let it go atp. they’re both doing their own thing separately. It always ends in mess, let them stay in their positive space.”

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Monica is currently part of the Pink Friday 2 tour and Brandy is working on her next album, but Ray’s suggestion isn’t a bad one. Their VERZUZ is still one of the most-talked matchups, and even Monica revealed why she did it just a few weeks ago on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

She admitted to being hesitant on partaking initially because of their former beef. “I enjoy people now understand that they can love us both, and I didn’t want to do anything that reignited the feelings of yesteryear,” explained the mother of three.

“You can love Monica and Brandy. She is the consummate professional, an amazing singer-songwriter. Her tone is next to none. We’re not to be compared. We’re polar opposites. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that they can love both.” Ultimately, Monica expressed how grateful she was that she did VERZUZ, and we are, too.

Watch it in full above.