ravevik And KxNFLEX Share A Groovy New Experience Called ‘Bliss’

Bringing countless amounts of energy once again, ravevik and KxNFLEX return with their newest single, ‘Bliss.’ A fun and gracefully woven track to please any crowd throughout the world. Containing their signature rhythmic flow while delivering an everlasting journey through a bounce-infused environment mixed with wild sample selection. Delivering another anthem amongst the stars. From euphoric melodic design to impeccable drum creations, this is a song you’ll always come back to with the same amount of excitement.

When it comes to stellar teamwork, these two share a bond unlike any other. Feeding off each other’s passions while striving for the utmost success. Climbing to the top through their work as a team and as individuals. And ‘Bliss’ is pure proof their love for the arts grows brighter and brighter. From releases on Partica Artist Group, Trap Party, and killer self-releases, both musicians are fueled to the brim with strive and chaos. Ready to take on any challenge that comes their way while delivering top-notch music. You definitely won’t want to miss out on this one.

‘Bliss’ is a smooth and wavy structure of groove. Highlighting what makes these artists so unique in terms of structure, sound design, and purity. Creating feelings of empowerment, inspiration, and peace. From a gentle and generous introduction filled with a gorgeous melody and intoxicating percussion to a sporadic and hard-hitting chorus section, this track wastes no time getting into the action. Appreciating each section while paying close attention to the crisp detail within. Everything comes together like a blissful dance. Working together hand in hand creating an experience you’ll cherish.

The spirit that thrives from beginning to end is purely intoxicating. In the first half you have a graceful and angelic impact, while the second half dives even deeper into an undiscovered layer of filth. These two did a fantastic job balancing each section while incorporating so much. We’re very excited to hear where they go next. So make sure to support by streaming ‘Bliss’ everywhere via The Music Blender!