QUIET BISON And fortune Give Life To An Abandoned Field Of Dreams With 'Blight' – FUXWITHIT

Leaving his audience with tears yet again, QUIET BISON is back with a brand new classic. But he’s not alone on this next step. Joining him along this journey is singer/songwriter/producer fortune. A brand new shining talent who’s taking the hearts of many with his soulful and gentle vocals. A perfect match made through melody and rhythm. This one’s very special because not only is he supporting an up-and-coming star, we’re also hearing a different side to the QUIET BISON sound. Something you definitely won’t expect.

With these last few singles, the artist has experimented more on the songwriting side of the spectrum. Working with more vocalists was such a good way to take him out of his comfort zone. Showing what he can really do by combining his signature tones with the power of the voice. And in the end, he’s showcased tremendous new skills and abilities. Combining different genres while staying true to his overall sound we’ve all come to know and love. It’s truly inspiring to see an artist such as him take greater chances to evolve as a musician overall. Pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges to grow his vision even further into the light. And with the help of fortune, they’ve both created one of the most heartfelt tracks of the year so far.

‘Blight’ relates to you on a deep and emotional level. It talks about doing everything in your power but it’s never enough. Wanting to fix things but breaking the overall connection in the process. The lyrics alone tear your heart apart in the best ways possible. Letting you know you’re not alone in those situations. Just another chapter in life we all go through. Leaving anyone in the audience in tears.

From a quaking environment of drums, to a monumental vocal leading the way, it’s a spiritual ride through a storm of emotions. QUIET BISON’s classic glitch-filled leads and long-lasting atmosphere mixed with fortune’s stellar voice creates a home you’ll never want to leave. You’ll be broken down and put back together in a matter of minutes. And replaying the song over and over makes the pain that much sweeter. This is by far some of the best work by both QUIET BISON and fortune. They make a stellar team. Knowing how to tap into your hearts immediately. We’re very excited to hear where they go next! So make sure to go support them both by streaming ‘Blight’ everywhere!

QUIET BISON · Blight (feat. fortune)