Quality Goods Records Give Light To A Garden Of Frequencies With Their ‘QGRC-006’ Compilation

The road for Quality Goods Records has been truly unique and full of surprises. Going down unknown paths to greatness while continuing to push incredible up-and-coming artists. The spirit within their label continues to shine bright every day. And with their newest compilation, QGRC-006, they’re ringing in a new chapter with even more surprises hiding around the corner! Throughout their history, these compilations always highlight brand-new artists and introduce new frequencies, rhythmic structures, and more to the QGR family. Expanding their taste in a sophisticated and powerful fashion while honoring their artists to the highest degree.

From electronic trap, house, and even a little UK Garage, QGRC-006 is a burst full of many different emotions. Each track represents the artists in a beautiful way. And what a lineup they brought us this year! Artists such as Virus Mafia, Polar Youth, MIRZHA, and others have all put their energy into mind-blowing compositions. Emanating pure passion and inspiration for the arts. Bass-fueled sound design, angelic tales of melody, you name it! There’s so much to behold throughout this journey from beginning to end. Making this one of their best compilations to date! So make sure to show your support by streaming QGRC-006 everywhere via Quality Goods Records! We’re excited to see what else they have in store for listeners.