ql1x And GURF Shatter Mental Dimensions With ‘IZ HE’

ql1x and GURF have always shown massive strength within their works. Their cohesive and unpredictable talent has brought honor and inspiration throughout the underground. Always delivering fresh new ideas while constantly evolving their skills. And with their brand new collaboration, ‘IZ HE.’ they’re fusing their most powerful techniques and putting them to the test. Creating an absolute blast of filth and groove. Wonky sound design combined with a monstrous rhythmic structure, it’s nothing but a fun and memorable experience.

‘IZ HE’ is a wild and eye-opening ride through a massive storm. Highlighting what makes these artists so versatile and unique. Cosmic sample selection, ear-pleasing processing, and of course, that classic wavy flow. It’ll leave listeners stunned with pure awe and excitement. With surprises lurking around every corner of this tune, the arrangement alone is purely gorgeous. Making you want more and more when it concludes. From beginning to end, this is a real treat for this special month of October. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘IZ HE’ everywhere! We’re excited to hear more from these two!

ql1x · ql1x x GURF – IZ HE