PREMIERE: Voysol Kicks Off 'Insidious Vol. 1' With Manic 'Neotek' – FUXWITHIT

There’s a new band in town, and the hype these young artists have garnered over the last few months has been unparalleled. Comprised of BLAZTER, INVOY, Maahir, Voysol and Veer, the collective known as Insidious is an international conglomeration of talented youngsters who are looking to make their unique mark on the bass scene, scattered across the globe yet united with their vision. With their debut compilation titled Insidious Vol. 1 set to drop later this week, one will immediately recognize that the potential of each individual is limitless. It’s rare to find an ensemble of tracks worthy of multiple listens from start to finish these days, but Insidious Vol. 1 certainly falls within that category.

We are just a group of friends that turned into a crew, the whole point of the crew is to grow together and help each other build relationships within the scene. Most importantly though, is to have fun as a collective! The compilation is our way of showing to the world what we are capable of as a crew, and as individual artists,” Voysol tells us. Ahead of the big release, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering Voysol’s ‘Neotek,’ the first track from the crew’s debut collection.

While the compilation features five distinct bass tunes, Voysol’s contributions is by far the most intense, fast-paced and chaotic of the bunch. Chaos is not always a bad thing, though. ‘Neotek’ opens in a threatening manner, with a sinister backdrop hinting at the catastrophe that follows. “When we were discussing the compilation I instantly knew I wanted ‘Neotek’ to be the opener track, I think the ominous cyperpunk inspired soundscapes serve as a great introduction to this project,” Voysol shares, and he couldn’t more on point. As the drop hits at the fifty-five second mark, all semblance of reality is lost as Voysol unleashes one of the most relentless, abrasive and grungy neurofunk beasts we’ve heard in a minute. The pounding of menacing sound design pummels your ears to no end, carrying an adrenaline-pumping urgency that never ceases.

‘Neotek’ is without a doubt a personal favourite of 2021, and a free download at that. Don’t miss it below and presave the rest of Insidious Vol. 1, set for release on January 22nd.