PREMIERE: TOFA and Adiidas Connnect Naturally in 'System Failure' – FUXWITHIT

A little over four years ago Adiidas found himself dead center of the FUXWITHIT radar. In addition, Wubaholics introduced us to TOFA back in November with our premiere of his track ‘Quick Money‘. Today we are happy to announce the premiere collaboration of these two forces in ‘System Failure’. The soundscape of each artist fits in perfectly with the other. With both being engrossed in the hip-hop influenced experimental bass concept, this collaboration couldn’t have come sooner.

‘System Failure’ begins with eerie sci-fi sounds floating around in the distance. Wasting no time the brisk build up ushers straight into an inebriating exertion of steady bass frequencies. Moving deeper into the track, each element works together to build a cohesive depiction. If this track were to be painted on a canvas it would look like the creation of a new species while somehow feeling as if you had seen it before. In essence, there is a sense of familiarity by the signature sounds each producer presents yet is portrayed in a way that is unheard of. TOFA and Adiidas met through the world of social media and found a way to assemble a song as if they were a production duo for years. ‘System Failure’ is out now and can be heard in full below.

Adiidas · Adiidas x TOFA- System Failure [FUXWITHIT Premiere]