PREMIERE: Star Monster Goes Out Of This World With The 'Milky Way' VIP – FUXWITHIT

Coming at you straight from an intergalactic space-faring vessel, Star Monster aims to digitally thrust his far-out space wubs directly into your ear canals. Whipping-up some of the densest productions this side of the solar system, he’s achieved unprecedented levels of thickness in his nefarious pieces. A month ago, he released ‘Milky Way’ on Spicy Bois, amassing almost 20 thousand streams on SoundCloud in the meantime. Now, we’ve had the great pleasure of premiering the ‘Milky Way VIP’ to lock and load into your home speaker systems, right here on FUXWITHIT.

As soon as you rinse the ‘Milky WAY VIP’ for the first time, you find it only fitting that it was made by an artist named “Star Monster”, as it’s completely out of this world. Utilizing only the most alien of communication technology to make your speakers gurgle in the most pleasurable way possible, your ears’ taste buds will be sent even further down the audio rabbit hole. Sick experimental bass tune? Or extraterrestrial recruitment device? Only you can find out for yourself.

The ‘Milky Way VIP’ is being released as part of a charity remix album dropping in-full in next month, in support of the BLM movement on Star Monster’s Bandcamp. What could possibly be a better combo than progressive political activism and dope music? Make a statement with your wallet and your sound system, and check out the ‘Milky Way VIP’ below!