PREMIERE: Rome in Silver & Biicla Create Heavenly Soundscapes In 'Colorblind' – FUXWITHIT

A few days ago, the Sable Valley A&R posted a tweet asking what artists have no bad songs. Floret Loret, a close FUXWITHIT friend, responded with Rome in Silver, and to put it simply, he is not wrong. Living in a musical world of his own, concocting uniquely infectious journeys one after the other, the Southern California-based artist has been a consistent hitmaking machine for years, and the limitless ingenuity doesn’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon. With genre-fluidity running deep within his veins, Rome in Silver continues to draw influence from a plethora of styles in his originals, looking to tap into new waters with his upcoming EP to be released via bitbird.

Today, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering the first single from the project, namely a rare collaboration with Russia-based Biicla titled ‘Colorblind.’ Making waves of his own through an irresistibly catchy international brand of future bass mixed with house music influences, Biicla continues to make his mark in the scene and the teaming with Rome in Silver sounds like a match made in heaven. Touching on the process, Rome in Silver  says, “it’s a step forward because I don’t do many collaborations unless it’s with someone who I feel would compliment my style well. I’m a big fan of Biicla and I think this is just the first of many between him and me.” Biicla agrees, saying “we’re on the same musical wave and this is not our last joint work.”

Diving into the unfamiliar territory of garage, Rome in Silver and Biicla’s latest is a feels-inducing bop that will caress your soul like a soft, silky blanket. The introduction is minimal with raw vocals providing a welcome opening, before quintessential Rome in Silver effects lead listeners to the meat of the piece. ‘Colorblind’ then takes a groovy twist that is equally danceable as it is beautiful, with lush fills and minute attention to detail that attests to the true mastery of both involved. With the energy only building further as the track progresses, there’s no denying that ‘Colorblind’ is a guaranteed summer hit. Don’t miss it below.

bitbird · Rome in Silver & Biicla – Colorblind [FUXWITHIT Premiere]