PREMIERE: Perk Pietrek's Latest Will Leave You 'Breathless' – FUXWITHIT

Singaporean producer Perk Pietrek has been a FUXWITHIT favorite ever since landing on our radar through the impressive ‘Find You’ off of Quality Goods Records’ QGRC-002 compilation. Since then Perk has proven his consistency with a myriad of releases ranging from originals to beat tapes, remix packs, and much more. Today Perk returns to make his mark with the captivating new single ‘Breathless.’

The track embodies everything that makes Perk so special. The soundscapes are rich and engrossing; conjuring imagery of icy breaths and jagged coastlines. The vocal bends add a richness and emotion that caries throughout. The first half is uplifting with a future bass-leaning energy that actually feels fresh. The midpoint is nothing short of menacing. Bringing things to the trap, the bass is beastly, and the percussion dances with masterful precision. The finale takes the previous elevating energy and brings it to new heights. The end result is a work that truly lives up to its namesake.

Stream ‘Breathless’ below and on your favorite platform on 9/24.