PREMIERE: Krischvn Ups 2020's Ante With 'Baked' – FUXWITHIT

If you’ve been following Liquid Stranger and his merry band of wild Wakaan warriors for the past several years, then you’ve probably been racking your brain for a song that has the vocal sample “oookay” right before it demolishes the crowd with carnal filth. To make your quarantine a little bit more bearable, Krischvn, the German production prodigy and mastermind behind that track has a very special present for you out this week. Everything this kid touches seems to be absolute gold, with each subsequent release showing growth in sound design and overall prowess. With rabid fans eager to see what he has coming next, he’s blessing the world with his inaugural EP Baked, released on Wakaan later this week. It’s a truly unique body of work that’s based on obsessing over one single song, and making 4 different iterations to it, each with their own distinct identity and flair. We’ve had the pleasure of premiering the title track ‘Baked’ for your listening pleasure right here on FUXWITHIT.

If you’re trying to gamble away your life, put this track on, as it will be a complete toss up if you make it out alive after three minutes and seven seconds of pure destruction. Sounding like a maniacal attack helicopter zeroing in on its prey, the first drop is equal parts intimidating and deadly, completely decimating even those innocently listening along. The second drop is a much slower trap feel, with each note taking its time to seep into your bones as the grime washes over your entire existence. The prevailing theme is getting as buck as possible, as ‘Baked’ is surely not for the faint of heart. The quality of production on this piece is absolutely stunning, but that’s a consistent theme for the entire rest of the EP as well, with each track building and expanding upon the original elements and thus gaining their own individuality. Stuck inside for the foreseeable future? Might as well get really ‘Baked’ and enjoy yourself! Check it out for yourself below!