PREMIERE: Klasey Jones & Wildcatz Bring Us On A Journey With 'Road To Bastion' – FUXWITHIT

I still can’t believe I’m really doing this. Premiering a Klasey Jones track was something I thought was only possible in my dreams and yet, here I am. The excitement is palpable here in my room right now, my palms are sweaty while I hit the keyboard, but let’s go step by step. This story (yes, because it’s a story we’re talking about) begins like this.

Before the notorious crew began their work together, they did work for hire apart. The Wildcatz are
headed to Bastion Station, where their delivery may bring peace or incite a revolution. Klasey Jones and Mononoke are tasked with stealing their delivery before it arrives at its destination…

What did I just tell you? I was not exaggerating, we are in the presence of a real multisensory adventure that combines audio, visuals, and storytelling. The presentations have already been made. The Wildcatz and Klasey Jones are our protagonists (assisted by the one and only Mizucat on visuals) and the great puppeteers who move the threads of this tale with their musical creations.

‘Road To Bastion’ is the prologue of Operation Midnight EP, out in full tomorrow on, and focuses on the journey of The Wildcatz (code names, Lynx and Jaguar) to Bastion Station. Close you’re eyes and imagine you are racing on a highway immersed in dystopian scenery. Wind and dust clash against your helmet as your motorcycle grinds miles across hostile desert landscapes. The snappy roar of the engine, with its metal pistons and burning muffler, is the only sound that pierces the surrounding silence. The thrill of the upcoming adventure makes your blood boil, and the adrenaline makes you press the accelerator as hard as you can. The soundscapes created by ‘Road To Bastion’ are wide, vast, immersive, and envelop you like the shadows of the sunset. The atmosphere you breathe is euphoric, almost cheerful, but in some moments it also hides sinister elements, which suggest obstacles and perils on the horizon.

How will The Wildcatz and Klasey Jones find themselves allied in the Foreign Buyers Club? Be sure to experience the whole Operation Midnight EP tomorrow and you’ll maybe find out. For now, you can stream ‘Road To Bastion’ below.

In addition to limited edition merch, Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz will be releasing a two-part short story in web-comic form online in the near future, to coincide with the two EPs forthcoming on, the first being Operation Midnight.