PREMIERE: Jon Casey & capshun Raise The Bar For Bangers On 'Fever Dream' – FUXWITHIT

4 things we love at FUXWITHIT:

  1. Trap bangers
  2. Jon Casey
  3. capshun
  4. Jadū Dala

The first is pretty much the foundation of our site. The second and third are two artists we’ve been championing since the beginning of their careers. Their growth and evolution over the past few years is rivaled by very few, going from unknown underground artists to two of the most promising acts in electronic music. As for Jadū Dala, they embody our Champions Of The Underground mentality to their core. Constantly breaking new artists and sounds. Seeing all four of these elements unite may seem like a ‘Fever Dream,’ but today we have the pleasure of premiering the reality.

Redefining what a banger can be, Jon Casey & capshun flex their mastery throughout ‘Fever Dream.’ An intoxicating and exotic vocal chant lures you in like a siren song. Drums command your attention as the excitement envelopes. The first drop is the highest grade of uncut trap dope you can get your hands on. Just when you get comfortable they up the ante and aggressiveness with some space-grade lazers for a newfound grit. The stunning break brings in a sense of serene calm with soft keys and soothing tones that are slowly overtaken by the percussion as we approach an epic finale. The climax is stripped down but somehow manages to feel heavier and more trapped out. The addition of the smooth keys with menacing trap horns is a contrast that shouldn’t work but does, so damn well. Original, addictive, hard-hitting, and ever-progressing, ‘Fever Dream’ raises the bar for bangers in 2021.