PREMIERE: Jon Casey & AVANCE Deliver Menacing Collab 'POUNDS' – FUXWITHIT

Jon Casey season is upon us and it’s scorching hot. With his upcoming album Harsh Reality out this Friday, Jon has been setting July ablaze with the first few singles ‘B.T.T.,’ ‘Nosedive’ and ‘Greatest.’ Ahead of the full project, you know we had to bless fans with a special premiere here on FUXWITHIT to take the hype to the maximum. Today we have the distinct honour of presenting the massive AVANCE collaboration that is ‘POUNDS.’

The incredible collab pairs classic trap sensibilities with an underlying forward-thinking bass approach to create an absolute banger. The energy from the outset is menacing. As Jon adds in an alluring melody and bent vocals it begins to truly take shape. The first drop is a mean-mug-inducing dose of bass and trap that’ll have hitting replay. Militant snare work in the break builds the excitement before they smooth things out. Just when you’re comfortable, things ratchet up before bottoming out with an absolutely cavernous drop that’ll rattle your sense of existence. Jon Casey and AVANCE don’t miss and ‘POUNDS’ is another impeccable attestation to the fact.

‘POUNDS’ started with me messing with one of my own vocal chops. Something I hadn’t really done often up until that point. I heard a rhythm and just ran with it. I posted a clip on my insta stories and AVANCE loved it and asked if he could throw some of his spice in there and so I sent it to him and he created a perfect second drop. This track is, as Chee put it so eloquently, “super buttery” and I loved that description and wanted to keep it like that. – Jon Casey

Stream ‘POUNDS’ below and look out for Harsh Reality this Friday on DOMEOFDOOM.


Jon Casey ยท POUNDS (with AVANCE)
Feature Photo Credit: Kaegan McBride