PREMIERE: Hukae Has Created A 'Doozy' With His Latest – FUXWITHIT

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for Hukae fans, and surely even more so for the artist himself. From posting a worrying message on Twitter less than two weeks ago (and thankfully appearing well post-incident), to announcing his third EP of the calendar year, Hukae has kept his followers on their toes throughout 2020. Storming onto the scene with the ingenious Dirty Talk EP, the producer has since demonstrated that his creativity and proclivity for creating gems is not a one-off, consistently pushing the boundaries of bass with every new release.

With the Future EP set to hit streaming platforms via Never Say Die: Black Label on Friday, Hukae continues to showcase this sonic prowess, delivering four monstrous beasts that could individually set crowds ablaze. Ahead of the project’s full release, we have the honour of premiering ‘Doozy,’ one of the producer’s most impressive tunes to date.

As the introductory track to his 2020 Showcase, ‘Doozy’ is one many have been awaiting, and the full version does not disappoint. The piece is a flex of the gnarly flow that Hukae has mastered, as the artist is able to create yet another five-minute long brute that never grows old or repetitive. The introduction is captivating, the drops are menacing, and the attention to detail is meticulous. From the rattling top layers to the grungy sub-bass, Hukae has once again outdone himself, creating a soundscape capable of brutally hitting listeners in their core, while somehow making it danceable and fun.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Hukae, and to a wicked project ahead. Don’t miss ‘Doozy’ below.