PREMIERE: Floret Loret Embraces Darkness With 'Prosper' EP – FUXWITHIT

Few artists today have been able to expertly fuse melodic mastery with an experimental approach as well as Floret Loret. His self-released debut EP Tangled Roots marked his impactful arrival and his follow-up Secluded Garden proved his staying power. Hot off of his collaboration with Zeds Dead, Floret Loret returns with a brand new EP entitled Prosper on Bassrush. The four track effort arrives tomorrow but we have the distinct honour of giving fans an exclusive premiere a day early.

The title references my growth as a musician and the progression of how these songs came along. This is a step toward a new direction for my sound. Continuing to grow from the previous EPs, (Secluded Garden & Tangled Roots) I wanted to experiment more of the tools available to me. There’s a lot of bitcrush-y, melodic, low-end bass engulfing sounds throughout this EP that I’ve been messing around with and I feel like it’s helped the stories and ideas come to life in my music. – Floret Loret

With each release Floret Loret evolves and expands his sound. While previous works drew deeply from the natural world, Prosper takes a more industrial and synthetic approach. Imagery of lush exotic jungles are replaced with digitized visuals and pulsing electrical energy. Keeping true to his word, the project sees an expansion into a new direction; one which dark and powerful.

This is a bit darker and aggressive compared to my past work, but it wasn’t intentional. Music is a coping mechanism for me, so I think I may have subconsciously manifested darker, more aggressive emotions due to the current state of the world and some personal issues I’ve been going through.

Some of the tunes were already written – ‘Nu Bloom’ & ‘Melted Lavender’ – prior to COVID-19. But they were also written to during a weird time in my life. I was living by myself for a bit and keeping my thoughts and feelings bottled up. I revisited them once we entered the quarantine in March and then after I wrote ‘Afterblooms’ & ‘Abscissions’ in the first couple of weeks. – Floret Loret

Don’t let the darker direction, scare you, there’s still a wealth of beauty under the surface. Melody plays a vital role in each track and serves as the common thread that ties Prosper together.

My dad actually gave me the idea of telling a story through the melody of each track. So as you listen to each song you’ll hear the melody develop, grow, and enter different phases. I tried to do this with every song on the EP, but the challenge was keeping each one unique and having each song tell it’s own story. I really hope you guys enjoy this one!  – Floret Loret

From beginning to end Floret Loret’s latest takes you on a trip through space and time. ‘Nu Bloom’ serves as a haunting and evocative opener while ‘Melted Lavender’ leverages contrasting sounds to create a track that is stark yet stunning. ‘Afterblooms’ is like a distorted trek through a garden developed by an AI superpower. Rounding out the project comes ‘Abscissions,’ a metallic-riddled menace with tribal undertones that’s sure to leave your brain blown. Escapist bass music at its finest, the project is a captivating expedition into a futuristic world.

Stream Prosper below and be sure to pre-save the EP here.

Bassrush · Floret Loret – Prosper EP