Now more than ever appears to be a time for the underground to emerge even further. Luckily, the LA-based collective MYOPIC SOUNDS is here to help with just this. With a catalog now over 40 tracks, some of the names we have seen release through this path include jordnmoody, KOZ, IANY and wasteurself. In their first six months of creation we saw their fusion with Partica Artist Group in The All Star Compilation, which was a huge testament as to what would be offered from this team. Although MYOPIC has only been around for a little over a year, they are easily recognizable now as one of the figure heads of the trap and bass underground. Continuing to prove this they are back to provide their next installation of their appetizing compilation series Myopic World Mixtape Vol. 2.

In this project we are presented with ten tracks, all of which are standouts on their own. To have them grouped together all in one place is likely to cause a fire if left unattended. In addition to the artists we saw on volume one such as IANY, CAPTSIS and MIDNIGHT, we see some new additions from familiar faces and some FUXWITHIT favorites including U.O.ME, TaDa, L’HOMIE, Gurf, and KUREI to name a few. This collection highlights the sense of community these artists have established. All of which are working together with a like-minded goal and share a similar vision of bringing new things to the scene that may be lacking such as a platform for these creators to get the recognition they have more than earned. The way this group of artists unite is a driving force unseen before and MYOPIC SOUNDS doesn’t plan on slowing that down anytime soon. Sit back, relax and dive into the realm of the underground in Myopic World Mixtape Vol. 2 below.