PREMIERE: Dive Into Freddy Todd's MoonFlavours II With Both 'Alchemial' and 'Forever Gold (Instrumental)' – FUXWITHIT

A masterful maestro of varying types of sonic arrangements, Freddy Todd has consistently captivated scores of ear canals with his impeccable degree of production prowess. Wheeling-and-dealing everything from melodic masterpieces, to fascinating funk, all the way to downright dirty dubstep, he’s shown time and time again that he’s capable of eliciting the full spectrum of emotion and energy from eager listeners. One of his earliest projects, MOONFLAVOURS, was released in 2013 as a more-than-satisfying showcase of the lighter side of his musical mind. Now, after 8 long years, fans no longer have to wait to take another dip into this very distinct aesthetic, as he’s decided to grace the world with MOONFLAVOURS II, the spiritual successor to the original project, out fully on Friday (to not-so-coincidentally coincide with the first full moon of the year). To make this week even sweeter, we’ve had the great privilege of premiering not one, but two fantastic features on the album in the form of ‘Alchemial’ and ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental)’ a full 3 days early for your listening pleasure right here on FUXWITHIT.

When asked about what went into the creation of both ‘Alchemial’ and ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental)’, Freddy expounded, “I wrote this song almost 4 years ago in 2017 while living in the ancient elven town of Asheville, NC in the blue ridge mountains at my home studio. It is a jazzy odyssey weaving through an epic wall of sound intro into an iconic and catchy trumpet line, written in midi by myself (the whole song is written, edited, mixed, and mastered by myself, along with the rest of the album), that traverses through live drums (recorded also by me on my drum set at my studio), into a more concise 808 kit trappier beat. It’s kind of like 3 or 4 songs in one but is a more magical track to me and was originally a contender for the intro track in earlier iterations of Moonflavours II. I liked the trumpet line so much, that I went back and flipped the track into its sister track ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental),’ which follows it on the album and features that core catchy trumpet melody, but in a happier more fun universe with a plucky bass and loose beat (also myself live on my drum set). THAT track is titled Instrumental because (SPOILER ALERT) I’m working on a vocal album and already have a vocal version of the song (Forever Gold) featuring the talented Stephanie Starnes.

In a time where stress is at all-time highs due to political instability, a global pandemic, and economic strife, mental reprieves are in extremely high demand. What Freddy Todd brings to the table is just what the doctor ordered, as both ‘Alchemial’ and ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental)’ are temporary one-way tickets straight to euphoria. Getting completely lost in the intro to ‘Alchemial’ is the firm expectation, as your body stays grounded while your mind is free to wander wherever it pleases, your physical form left as an anchor without its chain. The tantalizing trumpet and dapper drums create an energy that exudes light and positivity. Practically bursting at the seams with love for the world encompassed by its familiar frequencies, fans will be left feeling engorged with happiness and contentment, worries and fears thoughts for another time. Continuing the trend of ecstatic elation, ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental) is the definition of bubbly music. So bubbly, in fact, Coca-Cola might try to steal some of its mojo. Emphasizing the previously mentioned trumpet to an even greater degree along with a practically gravitational groove, smiles and hugs will be doled-out generously all around.

A true odyssey of audio, MOONFLAVOURS II is less of a trudge and more of a float through freshly crafted mental planes courtesy of musical consciousness teleportation. 12 tracks of sheer digital delight, with 3 already blessing the world with their poignant presence, Friday surely can’t come soon enough. For now, though, make sure to take both ‘Alchemial’ and ‘Forever Gold (Instrumental)’ for proper spins via our exclusive premieres, and If you’d like to support Freddy Todd in these especially trying times for artists, you can find his supremely spicy Fred Crumbs merch store here, and a link to his Bandcamp where you can directly monetarily thank him for his comprehensive creations here.

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