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Expertly navigating the cavernous depths of the underground SoundCloud trap scene, Church. has been a name that’s been thrown around in conversation regularly among our team for the better part of a year now. Wheeling and dealing fresh takes on classic hip-hop bangers like ‘Gettin Tipsy‘ and ‘In The Club‘, and a cantankerous collab with Lyny ‘Walk‘, he’s shown he’s more than capable of making listeners get down and dirty with the best of them. It’s no wonder then, that he’d eventually team up with a fellow purveyor of spicy underground heat in the form of Seattle’s vxrt. With his last two sensational releases coming in the form of ‘Hot‘ and ‘Baller,’ prowess and palpable style were at the top of the list of his affluent attributes. Now, these two trap aficionados have put their heads together for a tenacious take on Rich Boy’s ‘Throw Some D’s’ with the dancefloor dominator ‘D’s,’ which we have the great pleasure of premiering right here on FUXWITHIT.

“Trevor and I met through the subu collective – a group of really close friends. I had this idea in the works for nearly 6 months, and when I sent it off to him, he just took it to a whole new level.”

Eliciting compulsive chain-popping with thumping 808s and impeccably mixed vocals, ‘D’s’ does the original more than justice, plastering spicy stank faces on all in the vicinity. Sporting a sexy, aggressive groove that lights the nervous system ablaze, this is one track that gets even the most tired of bodies throwing down in epic fashion. A head-nodding, hip-gyrating, serotonin squirt-gunning romp of a good time, church. and vxrt have certainly set themselves apart from the fold with more-than-crispy production quality that’s easy on the ears but heavy on the swagger. With even more ludicrous audible weaponry lined up for release throughout the remainder of the year, these are two artists that trap heads should keep squarely on their radar. Check out ‘D’s’ for yourself below!

church. · church. x vxrt – D’s [FUXWITHIT PREMIER]

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