PREMIERE: Brainrack & Veepot Make You Go 'Coo Coo' With Latest Collab – FUXWITHIT

Kindred-spirited noisemakers that met via the power of the internet, Alex Kennedy and Matthew Vaughan, or Brainrack and Veepot respectively, have been fighting back against the musical grain, putting emphasis on idealistic and unique approaches to sound. Recycling his name from his Call of Duty trick-shot montage days, Veepot loves to keep things rolling, including making banger after banger. Using their friendship as the fuel for their collaborative artistic fire, they’ve already had one successful tag-team effort in the form of ‘Eliminate,’ a monstrous banger of lethal proportions. Now, they’re right back at it, this time joining forces with Partica Artist Group to bring a track that’s utterly ‘Coo Coo.’

First starting its life as a remix of Dabow’s ‘Ole‘, ‘Coo Coo’ has evolved into something utterly dangerous. Getting you groovy right off the bat, the vocal loop “Choppa going coo coo,” greets the build and whisks your mind right along with it. The first drop is this delightful heavy trap styling that toes the line with dubstep, creating a romp-shaking throw-down of a good time. The latter drop goes even harder, wasting no time and succinctly going for the kill shot. The sound design is top-notch, and the energy is addictive and electric, sonic rifles being the picture that’s created in one’s mind.

Coming from the UK, but having a majority of his fan base in the U.S. and other countries, one of Veepot’s biggest goals is to start playing shows out here when everything calms down. Even though show-wise the scene isn’t huge across the pond, a blooming underground producer community is on the rise, featuring the likes of VDKA. OWTLAW, Nimda, In-Shinku, Ghoulish, Fairsmooth, and Qwirk. Be on the lookout for all these immense talents, and check out ‘Coo Coo’ for yourself below!