PREMIERE: Blurrd Vzn Turn Up The Heat With Bombastic 'Throw It Up' – FUXWITHIT

Two San Diego boys known for whipping up some of the most diabolical creations on the entire west coast, Blurrd Vzn, have set themselves apart from the competition in the past year in a truly profound way. First gaining major notoriety right out of the gate with their freshman release ‘Ballerz,’ it was easy to hear that these guys had a knack for the the filthiest of bass lines. With their tracks being regularly rinsed by some of the brightest minds in the industry at Wakaan Music Festival last October, regular rotation of their pieces would surely become the new norm. Now, they’ve aimed to pile more shells into their veritable ID cannon with their latest monstrosity ‘Throw It Up,’ which we’ve have the pleasure of premiering right here on FUXWITHIT.

What on earth could be a better combo for people that want to get wild than Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and absolutely disgusting bass? If you couldn’t come up with anything, boy do the Blurrd Vzn gang have you set. ‘Throw it Up’ is a hardcore adrenaline shot to the dome neatly packaged into a 3 minute and 30 second time-frame, packed to the brim with individuality and aggression. The pre-drop vocals will have you intensely thrusting your arms skyward as your neck quickly descends downward, making it a perfect prayer stance to bask in the adulterous beats descending on your existence. The switch-ups vary from crunchy consciousness-blenders to immobilizing, sanity-erasing pools of goopy bass. If you’re a fan of bone-shaking booty-quaking big-time bumps, this is it chief. Check out ‘Throw It Up’ for yourself below!