PREMIERE: 2¢ Drop Bananas New Original 'Monkey Biz' – FUXWITHIT

Anytime Craze & Four Color Zack come together for something 2¢ related you know it’s going to be heat. Whether it’s a new mix, a live set, a merch drop or a killer new original, they never disappoint. Today the dynamic duo return with a brand new single in the form on ‘Monkey Biz.’

The track is a raucous and wild banger that’s built around a monkey sample. “I was in Miami at Craze’s spot and he had monkey YouTube sample he was messing with. We did some intense research and learned that believe it or not monkeys like bananas! When we made this discovery we knew we had to expose it. THE WORLD NEEDED TO KNOW,” Four Color Zack tells us. 2¢’s quest to bring truth to the world includes a freaked primate sample, familiar, albeit heavily processed vocals, hip-swaying percussion and futurustic bass. It’s a dizzying display that’ll have you beating your chest and getting animalistic.

When asked what they want listeners to get out of this one Zack simply replied, “Adopt a monkey.” While FUXWITHIT doesn’t promote the ownership of exotic animals, we can confirm that this shit is in fact bananas.