Pnpmar Makes Headlines For Releasing Two New Tracks “Pain” and “Fire”

The hip-hop world gets a massive surprise from Pnpmar. The artist dropped two extra good sounding tracks at once. One release is called “Pain,” and the other inspired by Eminem is titled “Fire.” Both songs resemble the artist’s vision and his take on complicated psychological states caused by betrayal from close people. “Pain” reflects the depression we get when people dear to us betray our trust and do not even realize the pain they have caused. In contrast, “Fire” reflects the state of anger that comes after grief or the sense of helplessness. Thus, “Fire” holds more passion and rebelliousness, while “Pain” is purely heart-breaking. Go check both and decide which one is more relatable for your heart. Both releases are perfectly crafted and detailed. They sound rich, have depth and emotion. Enjoy.