Persia White Hints At ‘Girlfriends’ Project After Meeting With Exec-Producer Kelsey Grammer

Girlfriends star Persia White took to Instagram to tease a possible reboot or other project connected to the hit sitcom after meeting with the show’s executive producer, Kelsey Grammer.

White starred as Lynn in all eight-seasons, alongside Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan), Golden Brooks (Maya) and Jill Marie Jones (Toni).

On Instagram, White shared a clip of herself and her husband walking around Paramount Pictures’ Los Angeles lot, showing where the cast used to film. She also shared that she had a great meeting with Grammer.

“Hello Girlfriends! Just got out of a meeting with KELSEY GRAMMER on the Paramount Pictures lot! Good thing are brewing,” she said in the video.

Co-star Ellis Ross liked the video, which led many to believe that a reboot is on the way.

“Please don’t play with me during black history month like this Lynn, please. WHERE IS THE REBOOT” one person commented, as another said, “If this means what I think this means, I’m gonna lose it! Bring back Girlfriends!”

While many have discussed the possibility of rebooting the early 2000s hit show, Grammer just may have given fans some hope.

GIRLFRIENDS, (from left): Jill Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, (Season 1), 2000-08.

Paramount Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

During a recent Q&A with Deadline, the Frasier actor revealed that he’s all for the show rebooting.

“I would love to reboot Girlfriends,” he said. “Of course, it would probably be a different kind of show, but we got The Game back on and that was wonderful. I don’t know if Paramount+ is gonna grab another season of that but you never know. I think they should because I know many people who love that show and love those characters and would like to see them continue. We’ll see what happens.”

As for now, fans can stay tuned for what’s next for the Girlfriends crew.