Partica Unleashes Monstrous 23-Artist Collab 'FRANKENSTEIN' for Halloween – FUXWITHIT

There’s no doubt that Partica is a collective that snatched our hearts ever since they came onto the scene. When everyone said that trap was outdated, the supergroup and record label pushed on, giving a platform to some of the best producers in the underground bass scene. For Halloween, they did something super special and brought together 23 incredible artists for a mega collab called ‘FRANKENSTEIN’ and everyone in the scene should give it a listen.

I imagine it’s super difficult to bring TWENTY-THREE artists together to finish a track. They got Dabow, capshun, So Sus, and episcool, to name a few. Even label heads Gurf and Runnit make an appearance. Just run through the list yourself and see the undeniable talent. Dabow himself shares on Twitter, “partica got us all together to create the biggest collab I’ve been part of. and it bangs super hard. friday.” Partica really did that. And the, “it’s Patricia,” vocal sample towards the end was really playful and fun.

Onto my personal critique—and let’s preface this by me admitting that collaborations rarely do it for me, but I tried to keep my own bias aside and listen to ‘FRANKENSTEIN’ for what it is—and it’s a good track. However, while there are some great trap builds, for a song marketed as ‘trap 2’, its drops and most memorable moments are on the dubstep and experimental bass realm. The song that has some of the best trap producers right now, so that part was a bit disappointing for me. Additionally, for a Halloween track, the spooky factor could have been turned up a notch. The intro was haunting, but once it hit the 30-second mark, I forgot it was a Halloween track until the “Frankenstein” sample came in.

I also get that the real Frankenstein is having so many different producers bring a different part in to create a mammoth of a track, though. And overall, it’s cohesive and a great tune. The artwork is also flames. So listen to the Partica mega collab ‘FRANKENSTEIN’ for yourselves below and let us know your thoughts!

Partica Artist Group · FRANKENSTEIN (23-Artist Mega Collab)