Noah B Signs Off 2020 With 'Endless Sky' EP – FUXWITHIT

Noah B’s star shines brighter than ever in this latter part of 2020! After his empyrean third album, Heavy Armor, here’s another little treat, released on Electric Hawk, that makes us very happy. Composed of just an A and B side (today I feel in the mood to use old terms), Endless Sky is another gem from the Canadian producer that shouldn’t pass unnoticed. If you’re currently setting up your holiday playlists or mixtapes, take a second to think about if you need a supplement of some cozy cosmic beats.

I’ll answer this question for you. Yes, you need it. While ‘Endless Sky’ and ‘Exit 41’ are not the Christmas ballads one would expect, I find them extraordinary suitable for this period of the year. Whether you’re laying under layers of warm blankets on the sofa, staring at the fireplace or peering into the clear night sky bitten by winter’s cold, Noah B’s beautiful pads and melodies are the perfect soundtrack. I’ve found my personal nirvana when sitting on the windowsill with a hot cup of tea between my hands, a cigarette, and the moon right above my head. That homey atmosphere was nothing but a perfect match for the dreamlike vibes of ‘Exit 41.’ The puffs of cigarette smoke that were fading in the darkness of the night to the ‘Endless Sky’s piano riff were another bewitching image. As I already stated in my previous review, my devotion to Noah B’s sound originates from its amazing ability to make you always feel home, everywhere, anytime and at the same time to supply the right dose of escapism which is much needed in these adverse times.

Be sure to stream Endless Sky EP on your favorite platform and buy it on iTunes.

NOAH B · Endless Sky EP