Naderi Taps Reo Cragun For Vocal-Driven 'Stardust' – FUXWITHIT

Hot off the brief yet punchy ‘HOTBOXINDAWIP‘ leading up to the release of his debut EP, the highly-versatile Naderi is back with another enthralling single titled ‘Stardust,’ this time tapping the talented Reo Cragun for another top-tier track. While ‘HOTBOXINDAWIP’ is a trap-lover’s anthem, ‘Stardust’ is a notch down in energy but equally masterful in its production, further demonstrating the Sydney-based artist’s undeniable talents.

Reo Cragun is no stranger to working with elite producers, having provided top-lines for the likes of Flume, Ekali, Pham and many more, and his connection with Naderi is fitting and natural. In ‘Stardust,’ the vocalist initially shines over a calming ethereal aura, before Naderi gradually builds the intensity of the instrumentals without undermining the power of Cragun’s voice. Don’t miss ‘Stardust,’ out now via Lowly.