Monica Accused Of Getting BBL After Curvy Concert Footage Goes Viral, She Responds

Following viral concert footage of Monica looking a bit thicker than usual, the Atlanta songstress has addressed rumors that she had Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

The footage hit the net this weekend, with Monica rocking a green jumpsuit that accentuated her curves in a way fans aren’t used to seeing, leaving many to believe she went under the knife for a more plump backside.

“Monica no!!!! You were winning for the natural girls!,” wrote one YouTuber, with another adding, “If it is, she didn’t even need it. We always loved her petite frame.”

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The “Everything To Me” songstress addressed the rumors on Monday (Feb. 19), revealing that it was shapewear that gave her the killer frame, as she has too many health issues to go under the knife for superficial reasons.

“Y’all got jokes,” she told viewers of the livestream. “Let me tell you something. My health is far too bad to be playing like that. For me a BBL would mean bought by Linda,” she added, referencing her stylist’s ability to make her look curvy and snatched onstage.

“Mama don’t play! I won’t even get lash extensions; I still wear strips I can rip off. I done kept it real with y’all so long y’all forgot.” She also brought out the Spanx in question that caused a stir with how much it lifted her hind-parts during the show. Check out the clip below.

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Monica is set to hit the road with Nicki Minaj on her Pink Friday 2 Tour next month, joining the NYC rep for dates in The States and Europe. Monica announced she’d be joining the tour during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

“I’m going on the Pink Friday 2 Tour with Nicki Minaj. It’s starting on March 1st, and I get to hit up all these cities that mean so much to me…we’re coming to every possible city we can,” she shared. “I’m really grateful for Nicki, because she’s one of those people that has always said ‘Monica meant everything to my childhood,’ and some people, they act like they forget. And so, it’s pretty cool to not be forgotten and to be called for things like such, so we ‘gon show up and show out.”