Michael Rainey Jr. Groped On Livestream By TyTy James’ Little Sister, Streamer Issues Apology

Michael Rainey Jr. was recently put in an extremely uncomfortable situation after someone crossed a boundary, and the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

On Monday (June 10), footage from TyTy James’ The Tylil Show went viral after it showed the Power Book II: Ghost star being groped by James’ younger sister. In the clip, the girl walks into the frame, touches Rainey’s pants around his crotch area, and walks off as the actor looks visibly uncomfortable. He allegedly left shortly after the event occurred.

The comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s repost of the video filled with backlash for the streamer and his sister, with one user writing, “Protect Men and Boys‼️ This is unacceptable behavior from anybody. Protect the babies cause why was that even a thought while children are present?”

Another commenter said the situation could’ve threatened her brother’s career. “That sister potentially jeopardized this man’s career this can prohibit another celebrity from coming through or wanting to be around him because of the company he keep,” the comment read.

James has since issued an apology for the situation. “After the actions that occurred during my stream last night I would like to sincerely Apologize to Michael and his family for what took place,” the streamer wrote on his Instagram story. “My little sister was completely wrong and out of line. What she did was very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted by her actions. I completely respect whatever direction Michael [wants] to go in this situation.

He ended his statement by promising to do everything he can to make sure this does not happen again. “After watching the clip, I was completely taken back by what she done,” he added. “I will take extreme precautions with future streams to avoid similar issues and have banned her from participating in future streams. I do not condone any type of assault.”

In related news, Rainey has been busy with the roll out of season four ofPower Book II: Ghost. This release marks the final chapter of the well-received Power spin-off, as Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden find themselves having to risk it all to protect themselves from their enemies.

In a recent interview with VIBE, the 23-year-old talent delved into why his character’s life turned out the way it did. “I don’t think there was no good guy path for Tariq. It was there for him his whole life, and I just feel like he just went the route that was really meant for him,” he reasoned.

“It’s like, how could he really become anything else? He didn’t have nothing else to look up to. He didn’t have nobody that was a college graduate that got their degree to look up to. His mentor was Kanan and running around with him from the whole third season. It’s like all of that stuff he learned from Kanan, what could he possibly apply that to, other than the streets?”