MF DOOM Memorialized In Marvel Comics’ Newest Series

MF DOOM‘s legacy lives on, and Marvel Comics is doing its part to honor the late emcee. On Wednesday (May 15), Marvel Comics released issue No. 1 of Dr. Doom‘s 2024 series called Doom, the first solo run for the character with that title since 2000. 

On the opening page, acclaimed writers Jonathan Hickman and Sanford Greene and illustrator and penciller Sanford Greene showed love to the rapper, who drew inspiration from Villian’s likeness. 

The team drew a beautiful depiction of the Marvel Universe’s cosmic landscape with a couple of familiar lyrics from a fan-favorite from MF DOOM’s Madvilliany, “Accordion.” “Living on borrowed time, the clock ticks faster,” the page reads. And the bars are very fitting as the book details a man coming to grips with his place in the universe and what it means to serve in his role in the grand scheme of superheroics and, of course, mad villainy. 

synopsis for the reimagining of the iconic reads, “IN THE NEAR FUTURE… DOOM ALONE MUST SAVE THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! Legendary creators Jonathan Hickman and Sanford Greene send Doctor Doom on a journey unlike any he has undertaken before! With Valeria Richards at his side, Doom goes on a quest to harness more power than any human has ever wielded before in order to try to stop Galactus from bringing about the death of the universe!”

As for our universe, it hasn’t been the same since MF DOOM passed away. DOOM, né Daniel Dumile, died unexpectedly on October 31, 2020. The legendary underground rapper suffered from a rare condition called angioedema, a severe reaction he developed from his blood pressure medication, Leeds Live reported.

His wife shared the news on December 31, 2020, writing, “Begin all things by giving thanks to THE ALL! To Dumile, The greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover and friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for all the things you have shown, taught and given to me, our children and our family. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive beings and give another chance, not to be so quick to judge and write off. Thank you for showing how not to be afraid to love and be the best person I could ever be. My world will never be the same without you. Words will never express what you and Malachi mean to me, I love both and adore you always. May THE ALL continue to bless you, our family and the planet. All my Love. Jasmine.”

May MF DOOM continue to rest in peace.